Terms & Conditions


Welcome to Jeeltech electronic shop, the following are conditions and rules related to your use and access to Jeeltech web pages and all its sub pages, links, tools and properties. Using of Jeeltech site is an approval from you to accept the rules and conditions of this agreement which includes all of the following details and it is a confirmation for your commitment to respond to the content of this special agreement for Jeeltech referred to hereunder in the name of “we” and also referred to as “Jeeltech”, “the store”, and “E-store” in relation to your using of the site and that referred to hereunder as “conditions and rules”, and this agreement is valid in case you accept to have an account.

Qualification for membership:

No any person would have the right to use the site if he cancels his membership in Jeeltech. In case any of the user registered as a commercial establishment then his establishment would be obliged by all rules and conditions mentioned herein.

You have to be committed by all applicable laws for organizing the trade through internet from Ministry of Commerce and industry in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The accounts and registration obligations:

Once you completed registration application to obtain membership in electronic shop you will be required to disclose specific information including upload of a copy from ID., choosing username and password for using it when log-in to e-store.

When you activate your account you will be deemed as a member in the site and therefore you have accepted to:

  • To be responsible of keeping confidentiality of your account information and password, and thereby you would be accepted to notify Jeeltech immediately by any unauthorized use for your password or account or any other breach to your confidential information.
  • Jeeltech, in any whatsoever case, will not be responsible of any loss which may be incurred, whether directly or indirectly, materialistically or incorporeally due to revealing the information of username or password.
  • You are responsible of keeping the aspect of using the site/ Jeeltech store seriously and credibility and considered as obliged to reimburse Jeeltech about any direct or indirect losses which may occur to Jeeltech as a result of any illegal using, untrue or unauthorized for your account by your side or any other person who have obtained access passwords to your account in the shop whether to conduct services or any other purpose using the username or password, whether by your authorization or not.
  • You agree to disclose true, accurate, updated and full information about yourself according to what is required in registration form in Jeeltech or according to what is required by e-store and to provide Jeeltech by a copy of ID.
  • Not to insert with your direct name any contact details for you such as email, your phone No. or any personal details or Jeeltech password.
  • Jeeltech is committed to deal with your personal information and your contact addresses in total confidentiality.
  • You will be obliged to keep registration data and always updating it to keep them true, accurate, updated and complete. If you disclose untrue, inaccurate, non-updated, incomplete or violated to what is mentioned in conditions and rules agreement, then Jeeltech will have a complete right to stop, specify or to cancel your membership/ subscription/ your account in the site/ store/ e-store, that is without prejudicing other Jeeltech rights and its legal means to retrieve its rights.
  • Jeeltech has free well, at any time, to conduct any investigations its sees necessary (directly or through third party) and to request disclosing of additional information or documents whatsoever its size is in order proof your identity and/or property for your financial tools.
  • In case the applicant of registration represents a commercial establishment he must provide all required information and documents that include your commercial license, and other documents for establishment and/or documents that shown the responsibility of any person acts on your behalf.
  • In case of not committing to any of the above mentioned articles then Jeeltech administration would have the right to stop or cancel your membership/ subscription and to block you from the site/ store/ e-store. Moreover, we reserve the right to cancel any unconfirmed and unproven accounts or operations or accounts after long time without activation.
  • Jeeltech site is not responsible of any goods not delivered to its owner due to entering inaccurate or incomplete data.

Your personal data and information of operations details:

  • You have no objection to give Jeeltech unlimited right internationally, permanently, irrevocable, exempted of expenses and licensed to use personal information, materials or others, that you have provided to the site/ store/ e-store and/or announced on the site/ store/ e-store through registration and purchasing through specialized forms for communication and registration, or through any e-mail or any available communication channels in the site/ store/ e-store that is in aimed to operate and promote the site/ store/ e-store according to agreement of responsibility release and privacy statement.
  • You are solely responsible of information that you have sent or published, and the role of Jeeltech is restricted to permit you to display these information on the pages of the site/ store/ e-store and through advertizing channels.

Payment for purchases in Jeeltech:

  • Payment system in Jeeltech for purchasing goods/ products/ SIM cards through electronic payment channels that appear on the site/ store/ e-store or any new method and it will be changed from time to time.
  • In case you are not abided to pay the fees and expenses counted for your operations on the site and the period exceeding two business day then Jeeltech, without assuming any liability, reserves the right to cancel or stop your operations.

Buyer protection and guarantee:

  • The site/ store/ e-store of Jeeltech is careful for buyers’ rights, and it aims to assist the buyers to obtain their goods in good and complete form. In case the buyer purchases some goods by one of the available payment methods on Jeeltech site and he doesn’t receive his goods or he receives a different goods from what is displaying on the site then the customer would have the right to replace the goods and he is not hold shipment fees.
  • Jeeltech provides the goods as it is from the suppliers and according to what is available without approving it or guaranteeing it whether implicitly or explicitly, or its validity for usage and quality, its security and genuine, whereas Jeeltech doesn’t guarantee its accuracy, its strength or completeness.

Purchasing process:

  • You are abided from your side to complete the process of purchasing the goods you have bought and to pay its value through payment methods available by Jeeltech to its users.
  • Jeeltech has the right to reject or cancel purchasing operations whether paid for or not.
  • You are agree not to conduct any falsified purchasing operations on the site, and not to use falsified name or any falsified personal information, or to use others’ credit card without authorization for purchasing whereas Jeeltech has the right to take suitable legal procedures for prosecution against all those conducting cheating operations from such form.

Product descriptions:

Before purchasing any product, you are committed that you have read the product descriptions and you purchase it in total knowledge without ignorance or betray.

Electronic communications:

  • You are agree to be contacted through email, or through sending promotional advertisements on the site/ store/ e-store, and you are agree on all other agreements, advertisements, data and communications which you have provided electronically to replace its written counterparts in meeting legal requirements.
  • Jeeltech, through your membership/ subscription, will send a promotional email to inform you by any new promotional changes, procedures or activities which are added to the site/ store/ e-store.
  • You have the right, as user, to assure that you have no desire to receive any promotional emails, and you can cancel receiving such messages that is by press on an option of request not to receive promotional messages at the bottom of promotional and advertizing messages.


  • Jeeltech takes (tangible, organizational and technical) measures to be protect access of any unauthorized person to your personal ID. Information and saving it. Knowing that internet is not a secured means, and the confidentiality of your personal information cannot be 100% guaranteed.
  • Jeeltech has no control over the acts of any third party, such as other internet pages connected to this site, or any third parties who claim that they are representing you or others.
  • You know and agree that Jeeltech may use your information which you have provided aiming to provide you by service on Jeeltech, and to send marketing messages to you, and that the privacy statement in this site controls the operations of collection, processing, using and transferring your personal identity information.


All contents included in the site/ store/ e-store, including – but not restricted to – texts, graphic designs, logos, buttons icons, voices videos, digital loads, assembled data and electronic programs are property and reserved rights either to Jeeltech or to its users, and for those prepared these contents or the authorized ones, and they are protected within the reserved copyrights and trademarks in Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, intellectual property and creativity rights.


Jeeltech and owned logos, other words and logos on the site/ store/ e-store are protected by property rights and laws of international trademarks and other intellectual rights.


Jeeltech encourages all members on the site/ store/ e-store to provide any suggestions and feedback, and it will display on the site/ store / e-store in any place specified by Jeeltech management.

Using the site/ store/ e-store:

  • As a registered member in the site/store / e-store you can insert comments on the site / store/ e-store according to the applicable laws, and it is also totally prohibited for you to advertize your phone numbers or emails through any part of the site/ store/ e-store, this would be considered as a breach of conditions and rules.
  • Conducting any action which holds us or may hold us (from our point of view) unjustified heavy burdens on our infrastructure and operating policy. Trying to takeover other user’s account or to conduct any forgery operation on the site or to users’ accounts and other fields special for them.
  • Breaching any laws, rules, systems, guides, third party’s rights or contracts of Jeeltech.
  • It is prohibited to display addresses or connections for other sites other than Jeeltech even if they are related to the commodities that offered for sale on the site/ store/ e-store , and who displays any address on should hold any damages which may resulted from viruses or harmless software whether to Jeeltech or any of its users.

Jeeltech responsibility:

  • The site/ store/ e-store is just an electronic port that provides the customers/ buyers according to what is agreed from technical and logistic services necessary for selling products and delivering them to the customers.
  • Jeeltech is not responsible of any unsatisfied performance or any delay by any carrier companies or any losses, damages or delay due to unavailability of commodity or delaying of its delivery.
  • Jeeltech is exempted from its guarantees, rules and conditions any financial losses, vilification and any special damages raised out of misuse or your inability to use the site/ store/ e-store, Jeeltech assumes no any liabilities or claims in such cases.
  • According to what is permit by law, Jeeltech and its employees, directors, agents and those branched from it and ready for it would not be responsible of any direct or indirect loss or damage that raise out of your using the site/ store / e-store. If you are not satisfied of the site/ store/ e-store or about any of its contents and the solution is not to continue using it; in addition to that, you are agree that any unauthorized use for the site/ store/ e-store and its services due to your negligence will cause damage to Jeeltech; therefore, then the site/ store/ e-store will be obliged to resort to the conditions and rules.

Cancellation of access and/or membership/ subscription:

Without prejudicing the rights of others and his legal methods to retrieve his rights, Jeeltech can stop or cancel your membership and/ or your access to the site/ store/ e-store at any time without a notification or for any cause and without specification, and also it can cancel this agreement of conditions and rules.

Modification of conditions and rules:

  • You know and agree that Jeeltech is informing you by any modification on the agreement of conditions and rules, and according your commitments are increased or your rights reduced according to any modifications which may take place on conditions and rules agreement.
  • You are agree that Jeeltech has absolute power and without holding any liability to conduct basic and sub modifications on this agreement without requiring additional approval from your side, that is at any time and immediately through sending an advertisement about modification on the site.

Cassation of conditions and rules agreement:

Jeeltech, according to conditions and rules agreement and according to law, may resort to temporary or permanently cassation or withdrawing and cancellation your membership and/or limiting or cancellation your access to the site/ store/ e-store without prejudicing your other rights and legal means in retrieving your rights in case of:

  • The agreement of conditions and rules is breached.
  • If Jeeltech is unable for documentation of any of your information provided to him.
  • If Jeeltech decided that your activity may cause to your or to other users and to Jeeltech any legal problems.
  • Jeeltech may resort, according to its evaluation, to reactivate the impeded users, where the user whom his activity is finally impeded or his membership is withdrawn may be able to register or try to register in Jeeltech or to use the site/ store/ e-store in any way whatsoever the circumstances are until been permitted for reactivation in Jeeltech. However, you breach the agreement of conditions and rules, Jeeltech reserves its right to retrieve any due amounts to the site / store / e-store from you, and any losses or damages you cause to Jeeltech, also it has the right to take the legal procedures and/or to resort to courts of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for prosecution against you according to what Jeeltech sees appropriate.
  • Breaching of this agreement by you or others is not necessitate Jeeltech to disclaim its right to take suitable procedures for such action and for other similar breaches. And Jeeltech doesn’t guarantee to take the procedures against each breaches for the agreement of conditions and rules.

Governing law and legislation:

This agreement of conditions and rules are governed and written according to law of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and totally and absolutely subject to the applicable legislation in the courts within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this paragraph provides an alternative to be resorted to it in case of expiration of this agreement of conditions and rules or been terminated for any whatsoever cause.

You undertake and guarantee that you:

You will be abided by all applicable local and international laws in this regard as well as the applicable conditions and rules regarding the site use.