Return Policy

The aim of Jeeltech services stems from our believe that the user in Arab World deserves a distinguished service that keep pace with the speed of human live. Our objective in Jeeltech is that customer obtains the product he wants through a reliable e-shopping experience. We always seek to support our customers and for that we are providing a service for returning and replacement as stated in our following policies:

We are looking forward that all of our products that we offer in Jeeltech are guaranteed.

In case the product the customer purchased in its original sheathing he has received and he wants to return or replace it:

You can return or replace the product by another available one, where this should be within fifteen days from receiving the product via filling up a retrieval/ replacement application form on your account in Jeeltech and to state the product you want to replace

The specialized accountant will be communicated with you in order to facilitate shipment process so as to dispatch your product to Jeeltech office and to transfer the amount to your account within two business days from receiving the product you have returned, knowing that the costs of shipment will be on customer’s account.

In case of opening the original product sheathing/ lamination after receiving it:

  • If the product is sound and functions soundly it cannot be returned or replaced.
  • If the product is not matching with what has been ordered, the customer can replace it within three days of receiving it without any extra costs for the customer in the product available in Jeeltech in the same price.
  • If the product doesn’t function properly, there are two cases:
    1. If the guaranteed is a client guarantee then the customer should communicate with the customer directly because he is responsible in this case.
    2. If the product is damaged and doesn’t function properly then he must not receive it from the carrier company and he can replace it by another product if it is not available with us.
  • Generally, the customers’ rights are important for us and we are happy to serve you, in case of any inquiries please contact us.